“Pro-choice” is a meaningless phrase. Say “Pro-abortion” – says Yes campaign leader

Yes campaigners and pro-choice activists are usually careful to point out that they are not in favour of abortion, and only want women to have the choice to have an abortion. They usually object strongly to being described as “pro-abortion”.

Not so Ailbe Smyth, the director of the “Together for Yes” campaign.

It has emerged that Ms Smyth gave an interview in 2002 where she said

“Although it’s still not really acceptable to describe yourself as pro-abortion, I never describe myself as pro-choice, because it’s a completely meaningless phrase. You know – choose what? If your politics are pro-abortion, you’re better off to say that, actually, and not mislead people.”

I suppose you’ve got to admire Ms Smyth for her honesty.

But I wonder if many Yes voters would agree with her?

The Phoenix Magazine, June 2017