Irish Times & Amnesty giving false account of woman’s pregnancy to push for a Yes vote?

There is a very strange story in The Irish Times today about Claire Malone, a Co. Wexford woman who is due to appear at an Amnesty Ireland event to push for a Yes vote.

The piece written by Kitty Holland says that Ms Malone, who gave birth to a baby girl last March, had requested an abortion in St Vincent’s University Hospital last July which was refused on the grounds that her life was not in danger.

The article quotes Ms Malone as saying:

When I found out I was pregnant I was devastated. My first question was: ‘Is this pregnancy going to kill me?’

Everywhere I went, I felt snookered and became resigned that I was going to have to proceed with the pregnancy. There was no way out of that.

Kitty Holland’s article goes on to say:

She gave birth to a girl on March 8th, after a birth during which she believed she “was going to die”. Her health is now seriously compromised and her life expectancy may be shortened, she believes.

The big problem is that this article is that it completely contradicts Ms Malone’s own comments about her pregnancy on her Blog which she wrote during her pregnancy.

At the time she said the following:-

“So… fingers crossed that it all goes well, although unplanned it was a happy blooper that we want very much. We are aware of the risks but also aware that it’s worth proceeding with. Whatever the outcome. We hope for a happy healthy baby by the end of it all.”

“I’ve spoken to all the specialists who are monitoring me through 4 hospitals at the moment every few weeks. 3 in Dublin and our local hospital in Wexford. I have been told that this pregnancy is high risk, but on evaluation I was advised I was “safe enough” to proceed. I was really happy with that outcome.

I know they’ll do everything possible to ensure both of us are as safe as possible throughout. I hope my body copes and can provide the wee one with what it needs for the next few months.”

This prompts a major questions: Have Amnesty or The Irish Times tried to “sex up” Ms Malone’s views on this issue, to suit their own positions on the upcoming referendum?

The Irish Times quote Ms Malone as saying she was “devastated” when she found out she was pregnant, but on her own Blog she says “I was over the moon”.

Clearly Ms Malone is at fault here. But have The Irish Times and Amnesty put words into her mouth to try to drum up support for a Yes vote?