“Life begins at birth” – Yes campaign director

In a recent interview on Morning Ireland on RTE Radio 1, Sinead Kennedy, a director of “Together for Yes”, was asked when she believed babies in the womb should get legal protection.

After dodging the question for as long as possible, she makes it clear that she believes children should have no legal protection until birth.

You can listen to the interview here, and read a transcript of the interview below:

Interviewer: “What stage do you believe, should the unborn have protection in law?”

Sinead Kennedy: “I think what these proposals make is about putting the trust in women to make decisions about their own pregnancy…

Interviewer: “Specifically in relation to the unborn, should they have any protection in law? ”

Sinead Kennedy: “Well I think it should have general protections, like women should be cared for during their pregnancy”

Interviewer: “Yes but I’m talking about the unborn”

Sinead Kennedy: “I don’t think that that makes for very good laws, and I think if we look at the whole history of the abortion debate in Ireland, putting abstract constitutional rights for the foetus has just created huge amounts of problems, and I think if we trust women to care for their foetus’ during their pregnancy then that is the best and most practical way to care for every member of our society”

Interviewer: “But no protection in law specifically for the unborn up until the point of birth?”

Sinead Kennedy: “Yeah I think that seems to be a very reasonable proposal, again putting the trust where it belongs”