Repeal campaign won’t accept No vote in referendum – Fine Gael minister

Fine Gael Minister Regina Doherty TD has raised the prospect of Repeal supporters calling another referendum in the event of a No vote in the referendum on May 25th.

Speaking to The Irish Times, Minster Doherty said:

“The people who have brought us, and who have been very vocal on this issue for a number of years, they are certainly not going to accept a No”

The Taoiseach, Leo Vardkar, was forced to clarify this in the Dáil where he said that in the event of a No vote:

“If the referendum is defeated, the government … will not bring forward a proposal for a new referendum during the period of this government”

Given that this Government is unlikely to last beyond the end of 2018, this doesn’t really give much comfort. It just means that the Government won’t try to re-run the referendum in the next six months!

Clearly for some politicians, “No” doesn’t mean “No”!