Yes campaign accepting illegal donations?

Eagle-eyed referendum watchers on Twitter yesterday spotted that “Together for Yes” seemed to be accepting a large number of illegal online donations as part of their recent fundraising drive.

Under donation rules issued by the Standards in Public Office Commission (SIPO), donations cannot be accepted from non-Irish citizens abroad, and no anonymous donations over €100.

“Together for Yes” seemed to have broken this rule and displayed the evidence of it on their website, with a number of donations clearly visible from donors outside Ireland, and large amounts from anonymous donors. (See screenshots from their website below)

This comes on the back of the continuing controversy surrounding Amnesty Ireland, the Irish branch of Amnesty International, which has been ordered by SIPO to return an illegal donation of €137,000 from Open Society Foundations, a front company used by American-based billionaire George Soros to fund pro-choice organisations aroud the world.